July 10, 2018

I just recently finished watching Netflix’s Original: Lost In Space. This is not your parent’s 1965 campy LIS, but a darker, complex and more developed narrative. The creators have taken license to update this classic creating an edgier and more interesting drama in contrast to the comedic tongue in cheek 60’s version.  While all the characters differ from their earlier counterparts, the most dramatic transformation is Dr. Smith. We are introduced to a female sociopath whose criminal record prohibits her from evacuating planet Earth and whose laser focus is fixated on her desire to esca...

January 29, 2018

This blog post feels redundant even before I write it.  Is there anything new to be added to the thousands of articles written about the grandiose type of Narcissism?  Prior to my own awakening on how covert some narcissists operate; the grandiose types always seemed so well…grandiose. 

Before listing out the various characteristics, its important to communicate the difference between those who is self-absorbed and those individuals who are clinically disordered.  Psychological terms have been integrated into the cultural framework and utilized as adjectives to describe people...

January 18, 2018

Narcissism defined is the psychological movement that functions to preserve structural cohesiveness, stability and positive emotional reflection on the individual’s self-representation. While that sounds pretty heady, exploring abstract concepts doesn’t always leave us with metaphorically language to define it.  Basically, narcissism functions to assist in identity formation, identity expression and provides us with the motivation to care for ourselves.

Whether narcissism is actually a fixed or permanent personality trait remains highly debated within professional circles.  While mu...

July 10, 2017

Someone recently asked me, ‘What is a Narcissist’? Oh wow, that is a loaded question and I find it impossible to respond with a sentence or two. Investigation has led me to numerous theories on the narcissist; and finding a simple answer to explain only leads to concepts that are increasingly complex and continuing to grow.

I can not write about narcissistic abuse before exploring and explaining what I’ve learned about narcissism and how it operates. I’m going to adapt a question that Rob Bell utilized as a title of one of his books.  What do we talk about when we talk about…narcissism?...

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July 10, 2017

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April 2, 2018