September 9, 2019

Hey Worthy Ones!  

Just a quick blog to provide you with a support network I stumbled upon this past week.  I am a member of many online narcissistic abuse recovery groups and sometimes read about the struggle members have finding therapists who fully grasp the dynamics of this type of abuse.  While I don’t doubt this, it concerns me when I see these same individuals giving up on therapy because their first experience left them feeling misunderstood and alone.  I’m sorry this happens. I want to assure you that the field of mental health is beginning to understand that this is a very...

July 10, 2018

I just recently finished watching Netflix’s Original: Lost In Space. This is not your parent’s 1965 campy LIS, but a darker, complex and more developed narrative. The creators have taken license to update this classic creating an edgier and more interesting drama in contrast to the comedic tongue in cheek 60’s version.  While all the characters differ from their earlier counterparts, the most dramatic transformation is Dr. Smith. We are introduced to a female sociopath whose criminal record prohibits her from evacuating planet Earth and whose laser focus is fixated on her desire to esca...

February 21, 2018

Are you confused about Narcissism?  I know that I am.  Much less than I used to be, but when I dig into material, so many definitions emerge. Are they adjectives, verbs or both?  Are they the ranting’s of those who have been victimized by these disordered individuals?  Why do there appear to be contradictions? I am trying to separate out ‘fact from fiction’ and seeking answers by combing empirical theories to shared experiences found in popular media.

It appears that there is a huge wave of websites and articles attempting to explain personality disorders.  They are writte...

February 18, 2018


Theory is great, mental gymnastics are sometimes fun, however, when it comes to extricating oneself from a toxic marriage; what to expect needs to be clearly communicated and a visible direction provided.  Eddy and Kreger have successfully done this through their book Splitting.  They have co-authored an accessible and well organized self-help manual that provides excellent explanations about how personality disorders operate, what behaviors are to be expected, what to look for in legal representation, what to expect from the family court, what the legal system ca...

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