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My private practice is named after the concept that once something starts moving, with momentum it will continue moving forward on its own. When we provide ourselves reflective space in the presence of a supportive relationship healing inevitably occurs. Growth and healing has been a lifelong journey and helping others on this path is my life's passion. At my core I believe you have answers to what is troubling you and I am purely a guide that is pointing you toward your empowerment and healing. 


Psychotherapy is a second career for me. When the Columbine HS Massacre happened, the germinating desire to become a therapist became an urgent need. While working in the entertainment industry, I attended college and simultaneously sat on the Board of Directors of a non-profit that provides hygiene goods and affordable counseling to the underserved of the Inland Empire. 


Following the economic downturn, I exited the professional world and spent six years in graduate school where I obtained back-to-back master degrees. As part of my clinical training, I was privileged enough to serve as a chaplain intern in a hospital setting where my vision of working in the healing arts was solidified. I have been a therapist in a variety of environments that include non-profits, community mental health, domestic violence support programs and a holistic program that empowered homeless families to regain overall stability in their lives. What these experiences taught me is that people inherently lean toward healing and context matters. 

I am a trauma specialist who assists professionals in their recovery from chronic stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loss. My unique specialties include narcissistic abuse, religious trauma and/or deconstruction and adverse childhood experiences recovery. I assist those who have been drawn in or raised by narcissists untangle their emotional lives and identities from this toxic influence.  

My therapeutic orientation is grounded in humanistic, psychodynamic and existential theories. However, I am not a disciple of any one psychological model. I utilize techniques that are drawn from multiple modalities including mindfulness, somatic and brain based interventions. I am also interested and sensitive to the intersections of your identity and how that informs your experience.


I'm a strengths focused clinician who isn't as interested in providing temporary symptom relief, but is willing to go the distance to help you experience long term transformation. I have found that no therapeutic concept is a one size fits all and trauma recovery is not about 'fixing' you, but helping you understand the ways in which you survived extraordinary difficult circumstances and relationships.

Most of all, I love and am passionate about my work and find it a privilege to be a witness to people's transformation and healing. You will find a warm and empathic therapist who isn't afraid of sitting with difficult emotions and will actively engage you in your path of recovery from relational and systemic abuses.  

I can be reached at or 818-583-7105.     


BA Theology

Kings University

MA Recovery Ministries

Fuller Theological Seminary

MA Clinical Psychology

Azusa Pacific University


EMDR Practitioner

Certified Trauma Specialist

Certified Family Trauma Specialist

Domestic Violence Certified Advocate

Gottman Level 2 Couples Therapist


American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress



ICSA - Int'l Cultic Studies Assoc.

LGBTQ Affirmative Psychotherapist Guild of Utah

Trauma Therapist Network


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