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Spiritual Abuse Recovery

Has your spiritual life been feeling uneasy, confusing or hurtful? Do the values or beliefs you were taught no longer seem to fit?  Are you trapped in a religious community that feels overbearing or controlling?  Do you have questions about the meaning and measure of life?  

Abraham Maslow's chart of universal needs places love and belonging as the number one communal need of the human experience. This need leads us to seek a positive sense of connection, to give and receive love, to live with trust and to seek truth in order to gain an increased internal sense of freedom and well-being.  

There is an inherent vulnerability built into the pursuit of finding answers to existential questions. It's a collaborative journey that can sometimes lead one into the darker side of piety. Spiritual abuse, religious enslavement, toxic faith and/or cultic influence can be found on the continuum of religious expression. Even the most well-meaning faith community can sometimes end up detrimental to one's own sense of internal congruence. Seeking answers to life's deeper questions can be one of the most rewarding pursuits, however for others it leads them into a context where egotistical leaders prey on their followers spiritual curiosity leaving them to face excruciating pain and disorientation.

Adverse Religious Experience is any belief, practice or structure that undermines an individual's sense of safety or autonomy and/or negatively impacts their physical, social, emotional, relational or psychological well-being. 

If you find yourself in any place on the abusive continuum and are seeking a safe place, I will provide you the space to explore, reorient and heal.  You can reach me at or 818-583-7105.  


'Re-examine all you have been told. Dismiss what insults your soul'.  Walt Whitman

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