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Affirming Words

I had the pleasure of attending therapy sessions with Carol for three years and cannot recommend her enough. Carol always took care to create a wonderfully safe space for me in our sessions. This comfortable environment gave me the ability to fully express myself while processing the pain and abuse from my past in ways I wasn't able to with prior therapists. Carol was a caring and proactive guide through our years together, gently surfacing new perspectives on situations I couldn't see while alway being supportive. I'm especially grateful for how we explored a variety of methodologies and tools that I continue to use to navigate my life. I am forever grateful that Carol has guided me through my grief with tenderness while instilling a recovered sense of confidence and control in my life again.' 

'I came to Carol in a traumatized state; between Covid, losing everything in a wildfire, a relationship that had gone sour and recently exiting from a narcissistic abusive relationship. I was so confused and uncertain about everything and was overwhelmed. Carol worked with me to strengthen my own sense of self and agency and with enough time, face all the life challenges and emotions that seemed insurmountable before. Now, I feel confident and able to handle whatever comes my way. Thank You Carol!' 

Carol has been truly a breath of fresh air in my life. I have seen her for 3 years and this journey of healing has become so transformative for me. She has helped me through the most difficult seasons of my life, while being able to process my grief and trauma in a way I never thought I could, with no judgement. She is patient, culturally competent, professional and friendly all at the same time and makes me feel so seen/heard. I suffer from complex PTSD, but through EMDR and parts work, I have learned about so many parts of myself that needed to be heard and am able to regulate my emotions and be kind to myself with all the skills Carol has taught me. Thank you Carol, thank you for being there and being present on my darkest days.'

'I started seeing Carol because I was stuck in a negative mindset after leaving my abusive ex, and I was terrified to pursue another relationship. Her knowledge in treating narcissistic abuse and trauma made the difference. For the first time in years, I feel safe and can trust myself again.' 

'Carol is an exceptional therapist, with a specialty in Narcissistic abuse. Carol's personal depth and warm demeanor allows her to connect with clients in a way that creates a uniquely safe space when working with hard issues. I recommend her highly!'

Helen Glaze, LMFT

Carol brings to her work as a clinician a special combination of exceptional training and expertise along with many innate gifts and talents. Carol is a warm, empathically attuned therapist with a strong passion for and love of the work she does with clients. Naturally gifted as a therapist, Carol integrates her talents and her outstanding educational background making her a highly effective clinician. Carol's clients are in good hands! I wholeheartedly recommend and endorse Carol!' Peri Abel, LMFT 

'Carol is a kind and gifted colleague who provides excellent support and guidance in the fields of trauma, narcissistic abuse recovery, and spiritual abuse recovery.' Lauren Maher, LMFT

Carol has a unique and unprecedented way of conceptualizing when it comes to trauma cases. Her expertise as a specialist working with those who have suffered and recovered from narcissistic abuse has led me to consult with her for many years and I trust her explicitly.' Joan Hasibar, LMFT

I have observed Carol's dedication to the field of psychotherapy and her passion as a clinician. She cares deeply for her clients and is passionate about continued professional growth. She is compassionate and committed to help others, especially those who have experienced significant trauma. Carol has my enthusiastic recommendation and I am confident she will bring warmth, support, insight and hard work to those she works with’. 

Wendi Svoboda, LCSW 

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