Gotta Keep Them Happy…?

While I should be working on my page long ‘to do’ list, I am taking a short break to jot down some random thoughts. As I scrolled through social media this morning I came upon a post of someone’s child with the caption, ‘gotta keep em happy’. Many clients bring parenting issues into the therapy room and the emphasis on their children’s happiness seems to flow like an underwater channel to many of their problems. When I hear ‘all I want is for my children to be happy’, my ears perk up and I think to myself, when did parenting become about making children’s environment a Utopian playground? As a clinician some of the work I do is to help people come to terms with what they perceive as negativ

Netflix Original: Lost in Space (2018) - Narcissism in Action...

I just recently finished watching Netflix’s Original: Lost In Space. This is not your parent’s 1965 campy LIS, but a darker, complex and more developed narrative. The creators have taken license to update this classic creating an edgier and more interesting drama in contrast to the comedic tongue in cheek 60’s version. While all the characters differ from their earlier counterparts, the most dramatic transformation is Dr. Smith. We are introduced to a female sociopath whose criminal record prohibits her from evacuating planet Earth and whose laser focus is fixated on her desire to escape the fate of perishing on a dying planet. The writers did their homework. While this binge was to be down

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