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Hey Worthy Ones!

Just a quick blog to provide you with a support network I stumbled upon this past week. I am a member of many online narcissistic abuse recovery groups and sometimes read about the struggle members have finding therapists who fully grasp the dynamics of this type of abuse. While I don’t doubt this, it concerns me when I see these same individuals giving up on therapy because their first experience left them feeling misunderstood and alone. I’m sorry this happens. I want to assure you that the field of mental health is beginning to understand that this is a very different type of abuse.

Nevertheless, I have to continue to encourage those caught up in a toxic dance, PLEASE find a good therapist! Don’t quit if the first one isn’t right. Not every therapist is going to be a good match. The connection is vital and a significant contributor to the success of therapeutic outcomes. Seek someone who you feel safe with. Most therapists will have you attend an initial session where you get a feel for the relationship and see if it’s a good fit. If its not, make another appointment with another therapist.

Okay Carol, so how do I find a therapist? There are listing services galore on line. Go into any of these and make sure you check for trauma specialists. Even if a clinician is not strongly versed in narcissistic abuse, their training has exposed them to relational distress and what’s more important, understanding trauma’s affect on the internal system. In the mean time I will provide you links to additional support that can subsidize your healing.

Out of the Fog ( is an online forum created by family members of those who have personality disorders. What I appreciate about this particular site is that its not trying to be something that it isn’t and they don’t profess to be professionals. There is so much information on the web about personality disorders and often written by people are responding from their pain. This leaves people seeking information and understanding confused. This site makes it very clear who they are, what they are about and ultimately there to provide support to those who have loved ones that are disordered.

I will share more support links in the coming weeks, but I wanted you to have this one right away.

Stay focused on your healing, you deserve it!

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