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Welcome to my psychotherapeutic practice’s blog. I have spent the past few months contemplating how to introduce my voice and set it apart from the hundreds of my blogging contemporaries. As I researched, the distance between my keyboard and fingers grew. I found that ideas increased, but a cohesive direction eluded me. Since the New Year is just about to manifest, I felt pressured to put aside the task of ‘deciding’ on a direction and just write something to initiate and introduce my hope for this site.

First, I want to say I am very happy you have found me. I feel privileged that you are taking valuable time from your day to explore my contribution to the psychotherapeutic community. I have provided a good overview of who I am as a therapist under the ‘Welcome’ and ‘Info’ tabs. What I would like to share here is my vision as a blogger.

I love to write! Writing provides me an environment where facts, ideas and beliefs can all collide. A space where thoughts can wrestle and challenge incongruences; all the while birthing a focus that eventually helps effectively communicate a universal understanding of whatever I’m choosing to write about…at least that is my goal. I like to take complexity, shake off its ‘dust’ and make it accessible by putting into contexts in which the reader can identify with. Practicality remains my ‘middle name’.

Moving forward, I will look at many areas of human growth, behavior and the various struggles that are faced. I hope these reflections initiate deeper thought, inspire greater questions and challenge you in your quest to heal and grow in your uniqueness. Again I thank you for stopping by and provide an open invitation for you to join me again.

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