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Narcissistic Metaphors

This video was posted in one of the recovery groups that I support. As I read the many ways survivors express their pain over the past year or so; I have also wondered about those fortunate individuals who have never been involved with a narcissist and how they perceive the fall out. I have questioned if metaphors are helpful in communicating the destruction narcs rain down on their intimate relationships be it family, friends or partners. When speaking of concepts or experiences that are greater than the limits of language; metaphors really do paint powerful pictures. The producer makes a great case for use of these metaphors.

The vast majority of victims of narcissist abuse are trying hard to be heard, to be understood and desire to warn the narcissist’s future supply. They utilize graphic terms to paint a picture of an experience, not assassinate the character of the abuser. The victim doesn't need to assassinate their character; narcissists do not have one - that's the whole point. Whether or not it’s born of a developmental pathology or biological deficiency; their identity is gravely distorted and because of it; narcissists have no limits in their pursuit of feeding their fragile egos. That hunt leaves cataclysmic emotional destruction as they move on with their lives untouched because literally they can't empathize or see the other’s experience – only their own.

Yes, abuse survivors are reacting - they have been emotionally raped and experiencing great disorientation following these relationships. However, on a more deeper level – they are trying to warn so that other’s do not underestimate these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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